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February 22, 2006


tony the creech

amen and amen,
its funny how as a lad i hated the idea of authority. I didn't have to put up with much of it in the single parent house i grew up in, and now as a 25 some-odd-year old man i miss and endure the consequences of a 'un-parented' youth. I mean its not a blame game - (what's a single mom to do?) But hearing that part of God's beauty is in His Parental Authority- rings true. its funny... somehow i guess i understand how that authority - discipline is Love. Love teaches you how do think and act and be, and i have grown up with a void from having to figure out stuff on my own, and that void shows me how filling being disciplined is.
i'm looking at it from the childs perspective, of course, but it just blows me away how something that i had once found soo stupid and meaningless -parental discipline- i now crave for lack of it. haha
i sound like a masochist even saying it, but its not 'mean', its love.

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