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August 17, 2011


Micheal Giles

Sometimes I read your posts and wish that you were right at hand to talk to (of course, if you were right here, I probably wouldn't be able to think of the words that I wanted to say... that's just how it goes sometimes).

I'm not sure if you have several more verses to follow in following posts. The first passage that pops into my mind is that if you ask for some bread, He's not going to give you a stone.... well, what happens if you are asking for a stone, and you don't understand that that is what you are asking for? He's still not going to give it to you, right?

Sometimes - and this doesn't specifically apply to your posts, it's just a general observance - sometimes I get disheartened when I see people asking for miracles... or, worse yet, losing hope because they are "not receiving" miracles. We all understand that drawing people into a (deeper) relationship with our Father is FAR more important to Him than miracles, right? We understand that those who have not seen "miracles" and still have rock solid faith in Him are blessed, right? I don't know, I just scratch my head sometimes when people get down for not having ______ (insert miracle here), when the law of the leper - the most gracious miracle of all, has been fulfilled.

You know, I sometimes chuckle a bit when I hear people use Jeremiah 29:11 and completely pull it out of context - then I stop chuckling, because I think they genuinely don't understand what that verse was. I'll tell people, "You understand that God was saying that as an affirmation to His people, that He would be with them, AS THEY WERE GOING INTO CAPTIVITY, right?" The few times I've had this conversation, I get blank stares. I honestly think that people misuse this verse sometimes. My question is, are we preparing people for the greatest period of captivity that is yet to come? This affirmation is spoken to that generation.

Anyways, I enjoyed this post. Keep 'em coming. And keep the faith, brother. God bless.

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